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3 Christmas Tradition Every Naija Child Can Relate To

As a “naija pikin” there’s an 80-100% chance you’ve experienced one if not all of these things growing up. These three things were always highlights, something we always looked forward to because without them it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at all.

The very first and the most popular highlight is the Christmas cloth. Wearing the Christmas cloth was a huge vibe on its own. If that Christmas now happens to fall on a Sunday ehn, it have ‘finish’. The church would be set ablaze with all of Balogun’s products with the church’s aisle as our runway during offerings and thanksgiving.

The next highlight is what I call the “street parade.” During this parade, we are refined beggars. What amazes me is how these households automatically know why we come to visit. Another plus side to this is that you get to eat other foods that were not cooked in your own house and also to show off our lovely Christmas clothes.

Lastly, we have the exciting yet scary highlight. This is our Banger. I don’t know when it started but bangers have successfully become a very important part of the Nigerian Christmas tradition. In fact, saying happy new year by 12 am on the 1st of January makes no sense without the raging sounds of bangers and fireworks.

I was right, right? You could relate to some if not all of these Christmas traditions.

It is interesting how we outgrow these things but back in the day, the highlight was that Christmas cloth o.

Your taste, desires, and interests change and grow over time. Well, I’m more interested in receiving or giving hampers. it’s literally for everyone. 

So, wondering what your Christmas highlight should be? order your hampers and see!

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