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How I Won Despite Many Failed Resolutions

January 2021 was the first time ever I made new year resolutions and manifestations. I was and still am “team manifest the future you want”. But as we speak, it’s October and let me walk you through where I am now:

“I will get a job that pays $6000 by the end of the year” but I’m still unemployed 

“I will give my parents 300k for Christmas” but my savings right now is not even near 100k

“I will launch my business by September” well this is October and I’m not even ready to launch by February 2022.

I will be working at Apple by my next birthday well I have one more month to go so fingers are still crossed

Bottom line is the list was a long one and I won’t lie from June up until writing this post, I was depressed at how things were turning out for me. I felt like I had failed myself and my family because it was certainly high time I started supporting the family financially. 

Well, at this moment of writing this post, I am yet to get past the weirdness of the year so far but one thing keeps lingering in my mind and that is:

I Won! I am a Winner!

Why? How? Because I’m alive and every single minute I have here on earth is another chance to try again and even smarter to reach those goals. It is another chance to make the family I have left even more proud. It’s another chance to grow and get stronger and love.

So yes you reading this too are a winner because you have the most important resource to be able to reach your goals and that is life.

So live, smile and remember that those plans you were unable to meet up with are quite little compared to what you would do eventually as long as you have life.

The same goes for the gift you may be planning to give a loved one this season because if it’s not a hamper that speaks their personality’s language, I don’t know what it is.

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