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Our Learning Curve- Throwback stories

Its Throwback Thursday and we are sharing business gist’s on how we have been growing, learning, winning and losing some.

This #businessgist was a learning curve!

The Christmas season was just over and we were just thinking of resting. I was on my way to Abuja when I got the call for this delivery.

 The entire staff were taking a break in one part of town or the other.

Not being one to turn down a good opportunity to serve and make some bucks,

 I started making calls to get together to make this delivery happen.

The client was very specific on what she wanted, so she bought and delivered her own boxes and asked us to curate (put together small items) relevant for office workers, from highlighters to nibbles, tea, mugs etc.

Now this is where we goofed.

Because of the rush and me just arriving from Abuja with a deadline for delivery,

We were in the middle of packing the boxes when we noticed that the printers messed up the prints on some of the mugs. We rushed back for it to be reprinted, however we missed a few.

Upon delivery, our client was livid. After apologizing profusely, we decided against taking rushed jobs. They always end up biting you in the behind.

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