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A Getaway / Holiday is a Doctor’s recommended drug for stress relief, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Everyone needs a little time off the hustle and bustle, a getaway from regular life with all its responsibilities to just relax. It would rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind. Your car needs to be serviced regularly, so does your body, if not a breakdown is imminent.

So my question is, what are your getaway plans? Whether you have a budget or little to no budget, plan something this summer. I’ll show you how.

1. Vacation

Fly away somewhere. Discover a new town, city, culture, and new people. Your discovery need not be abroad alone. There are beautiful African countries to discover. Where your budget would not allow you, try discovering a new state within your country. Pick a state you have never been to and explore. Your body would thank you for the change of scene, new information, and discovery. Also, be sure to Glam up to go with a few good summer picks.

2. Hotel or Resort Getaway

Plan a week/weekend getaway at a hotel or beach resort. Get away from your everyday life for a chance to see life from a different perspective.

3. Grandma’s house

Where your budget is next to zero, then plan your vacation with Grandma or that one aunt that is sure to spoil you. Let them know ahead that it is a rest/getaway trip so no expectations except for you to sleep, relax and rejuvenate.

4. Books

You can use a really good book for a nice getaway! Immerse yourself in the world of a really good novel and forget yourself there over a weekend.

 It would help you think of a wonderful new world, forget your immediate problems and just be a little girl or boy again. Explore our Sweet Escape, Book Lovers,  or Guilty Pleasure for that perfect getaway.

So do something this summer, it’s literarily Doctor’s orders!

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