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I’m hearing that it’s 100 days to Christmas and I had to count it on my calendar to confirm.

God forbid ooo.

This Christmas should “better be better”

Last year everything was just somehow. 

I didn’t get COVID but the Christmas was covidish.

It was like Money fell sick; even chicken, turkey and other mendemende that was usually surplus on years before COVID too vanished. 

Thank God money could not buy gratitude if not, “e for be for me ooo” because that was literally all I had.

I was just seeing my mates collecting gifts. Some phones, others money.

Even my close friend Kitan was using me to make enquiries on whether to buy his girlfriend bone straight hair or send her 100k!!

So, if you are in a similar situation as myself, join me in saying this prayer for the next 100 days

“God in heaven!!!! 

This year must not be the same for me, abeg!!

Even if it is ordinary hamper, I promise I will manage”

“Please God, Thank you for life ooo but this Christmas, please add hamper to this life”

In the meantime, click here to check out some of my dream hampers in case you need some assistance with hamper fantasy.

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