Z6g- 3pc Travel Set


  • A 3 pc travel setCombination luggage strap | Scales | Combination Padlock



A 3 pc travel set

Combination luggage strap | Scales | Combination Padlock

Combination Luggage Strap

  • 180cm strap , fits suitcases of all sizes
  • Integrated combination lock provides additional security for your suitcase.
  • Brightly coloured strap enables easy identification of your suitcase

Travel Scale

  • Designed for ease of use
  • Helps to avoid overweight baggage problems
  • weighs up to 32kg/70lb
  • Integrated 1m tape measure to check luggage dimensions

Combination padlock

  • Reliable and convenient
  • 3 dial padlock- 1000 possible combinations
  • Easily adjustable combination


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