Z5e Millefiori Milano Fragrance Diffuser


    • Millefiori room spray from the Milano collection
    • Honey and Sea Salt is an irresistible blend of apple, hedge cherry, almond, honey, marine, patchouli, vanilla and cedar wood
    • Ideal for any room, with a relaxing and inspiring effect
    • Only natural aromas are used without the addition of chemical substances during production
    • 500 ml


A practical solution to refill your home fragrance diffuser with your favorite Millefiori fragrance. A lively and colorful range of fragrances, perfect for adding a personal touch to any room in your home.
A fragrance that refines the delicious scent of precious honey, elevating it with tantalizing fruits and flower notes, but above all, enhancing the most beautiful facets. Adding salty tones gives the fragrance something special, making it unforgettable and effortlessly elegant.


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