Zz37 – Kenyan Luxury Tea


  • A blend of teas from the land of thousand hills and the land of thousand smiles.
  • The perfect way to wake up each morning.
  • Kericho Gold Tea is a unique and sought after tea with a distinct taste and colour, grown in the gentle slopes of Mount Kenya.



There is a hype about Kenyan tea.

If you drink tea, surely you’ve heard of Kenyan tea. You might wonder what’s all the hype is about.

The popularity of Kenyan tea is not just about the taste. There is more to this tea than just something to drink.

  • It’s distinct taste and quality


  • You are guaranteed to get a strong cup of tea.



  • The secret to Kenyan tea is the climate of Kenya. The country’s tropical climate and deep reddish soil is perfect for producing the best tea. The soil itself has high mineral content, making tea bushes thrive.


  • The high altitude of where tea bushes are grown — at over 8,000 feet —  also contribute to the higher antioxidant levels contained in the leaves.


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