Scents & Liqueur


  • Encre Noire Lalique Eau de Toilette
  • Candle light Midnight Rose Diffuser
  • Campari


Smelling & feeling good in one box!

Treat your dad, husband, boyfriend or friend to a luxury package of scents and liqueur.

The gift box has

  • Encre Noire Lalique

The opening scents of Encre Noire is crisp and bright in a way that’s reminiscent of citrus. In the first minute, the airy green cypress is at its most convincing, bursting and almost juicy. It feels cool and frosted in a way that’s like mint. There’s more sweetness to it than one would expect.

The notes are vetiver, cashmere, bourbon and cypress.

  • Candle Light Midnight Rose diffuser

Midnight Rose is a magical concoction of sweet and spice, a scent with depth and underlying notes of citrus and woods.

  • Campari

Take on this stress regulator and have a feel good experience with this liqueur.


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