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All I want for Christmas is…

Mariah Carey really got me in my thoughts with her song “All I want for Christmas is you”. 

I have spent about 4 days now trying to understand that part that says “I don’t care about the presents” because that really plays a huge role in Christmas” because as a lover of gifts, it made no sense to me.

There I was, seated on a chair, listening to the song dozens of times trying to really understand why she wants only a person for Christmas.

Alas, it hit me! This lady has made all the money in the world and could probably afford anything in this world and now she really understands the value of love.

This makes so much sense to me now because that is indeed what Christmas is all about – “Love”.

Not many minutes apart, the words of my favorite Mexican actress “Maite Perroni” of  “Don’t mess with an angel” struck my mind. 

She defined love as giving. Her words made me clearly understand that there’s no love without giving. Right there, it all made sense, love is giving, and giving is love. 

So, let us try to do Christmas a little differently this year by being givers this season.

Let’s all make someone smile, someone blush, let’s make someone feel safe, let’s make someone experience love again, let’s all love this Christmas by giving of ourselves. 

You may be the answer to someone’s prayer and they may be yours!

So, allow the hamper shop to move hearts for you this season with the wide variety of hampers that were curated with lots of love and purpose.

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