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Let's talk about Loss

You Too Can Be An Angel

I have hardly come across anyone in recent times who hasn’t had an experience with loss particularly in the past year.

This is a gentle reminder to reach out to someone you know who is currently hurting from a loss.

Reach out even if the person looks like they have gotten their acts together.

Grief comes in stages. They may just be wiping their tears before opening their bedroom door.

Be the reason for their smile today!

We made a recent widow smile and cry at the same time. Her words ‘God sent an angel in human flesh to me’.

My mom (an insurance personnel), had just persuaded the Chairman of a well-known company in Nigeria to take on group life insurance for his staff. In the week the Chairman agreed and paid their first premium installment, the company lost its HR manager. A devastating loss no doubt, but with his insurance cover, his family was entitled to 36 million naira. Of course, the family had no idea.

About a month after the man’s death, my mom decided to visit the widow in her home as the companies consultant. She met a very devastated woman still beaten and crying over her husband’s death. My mom consoled, encouraged, and prayed with her before letting her know of her entitlements.

The next week that followed, my mom recounted her ordeal to the chairman of the company and he decided to visit the widow himself. So from banana island early on a Sunday morning, he dashed through Maryland to pick my mom to lead him to the widow’s house in Ikorodu.

A chairman with over 2000 workers took out time to visit a late staff’s widow. I call him ‘man extraordinaire’.

With a knock on the door, it took several seconds for the widow to realize who was standing at her door.

When she recognized the chairman of the company, she was so happy to see him she carried him in her embrace. In her words, it made her entire day! She felt like God had sent her an angel in human form to dry her tears.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later, my mom received a call from the widow who was crying in gratitude because her account had just been credited with 36 million naira.

 Among the many lessons one can learn from this story, I would really hope businesses can take note of these three:

1.       Love can be your language in your organization

2.       Insurance for your staff can make a lot of difference and it works in Nigeria

3.       Appreciate them while you can. Small gestures of love can go a long way. If you need some help, to show some love, look no further. The Hamper Shop is your plug.

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