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It is wife appreciation day!

It is wife appreciation day,,,

.. And from my experience with gift curating, most men have no clue on how to shop for their wives, their taste e.t.c

The women simply donate smiles of ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘aaahhs’ when they receive gifts from their men but in their minds saying, ‘what was he thinking?’

How you know is from the high pitched voice of your lady saying, ‘oh my God’ meanwhile she is really saying, ‘you should have just given me the money so I could have bought what I want’.

Let me share the secret about gifting. It’s never really about how much it cost. It could be the most expensive gift but not what she wants and it could be a not so expensive gift and exactly what she wants and you will be more appreciated because your gift filled a need or a want.

So to shop for your wife, first, you could snoop around her things for clues. Pay attention to her perfume scents, shoe colours and heel heights. Does she get excited at brands or certain designers? What is she talking about the most or wishing she had? Would she rather a restaurant or a clothes store? Then she might appreciate a breakfast tray. is she jewelry crazy or does she come alive when she travels? Is she visibly stressed or coping? Then a spa pampering treatment may be what she needs.

Still no answers to help, then play games of asking random questions of “what would you rather” every once in a while. We might be helping your love life because nothing a woman finds more attractive than a man who pays attention to detail.

Even when you don’t know where or how to buy, is there to help. These clues could help your gift curator put together a gift your wife will forever treasure.

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